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Bolivia - Land Of Extremes 05.10.2009
It's Worth A Potosi 25.09.2009
A Mine Of Its Own 18.09.2009
Knowing Your Place...In The Universe 17.09.2009
The Real Wild West - But Tamed for Tourists 17.09.2009
From Calamity To Calama 03.09.2009
Rapa Nui - Meeting The Locals (Bring a Six Pack) 25.08.2009
Rapa Nui: The Locals Are Revolting! 22.08.2009
What To Pack Or Not To Pack - That Is The Question 05.08.2009
Packing Light Takes Might 05.08.2009
Cafe With Legs - As Easy As One Two Three... 05.08.2009
Goodbye Santiago, Hello South America 03.08.2009